Locker Industry

Building materials pickup point for retailer stores

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri soluzioni linea locker

The first customized Safer Locker for storage of building materials and items

The Industry Line is the ideal goods storage solution for construction warehouses and store retailers.

Have you ever found yourself going to the warehouse early or staying late in order to wait for building materials and items?
The Industry Locker Line is the solution you’ve been looking for, as it allows you to receive the expected goods and pick them up whenever you want.

Did you ever get to a retailer store when it was closed and had to wait for an employee to be able to pick up your goods?
That’s where the locker comes in, the ideal solution that allows you to pick up your ordered items at any time without the presence of a physical person.

Benefits of the Industry Line Locker

Areas of application

Building sites
Construction warehouses

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Learn more about AL-SICURO, our locker software

AL-SICURO is the cloud-based software developed by Cesare Mauri to simplify and optimize the operation of lockers and totems.
Simple, functional, AL-SICURO.