The cloud-based software to manage and use lockers Cesare Mauri

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri software al sicuro mockup

AL-SICURO is the cloud-based application that simplifies and optimizes the use of Cesare Mauri lockers. Our solution for the effective management of your lockers and totems.

Ensuring intuitive and accessible service for all is a key priority for Cesare Mauri.

The ease of use of our lockers comes through AL-SICURO, the software developed by the Cesare Mauri IT division, to meet the needs of users and industries. Innovative and cutting-edge, this Cesare Mauri application makes the use of lockers immediate and uncomplicated, guaranteeing the security of the objects deposited and taken into custody. In addition, the platform is fully customizable and can be integrated with any management system you already own.

With AL-SICURO, configuration, storage and allocation settings are handled clearly, securely, and in a few simple steps.

Main features:

Proprietary interface

Quick setup

Customer interface

Immediate use

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