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Main features:

Tourism Line

The Tourism Line offers a secure and easily accessible solution to store luggage and personal items.
The ultimate protection for your possessions.

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri locker turismo
Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri linea locker farmacia

Temperature-controlled Line

We have created a line dedicated to businesses that need to keep their products at a specific temperature, whether they be pharmaceuticals, food or cosmetic products.

Industry Line

The Industry Line is dedicated to companies that want to extend their service hours or increase their business through e-commerce.

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri linea locker industria
Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri locker essenza bike

Bike Line

The Bike Line is the ideal solution for all public or private accommodations that want to encourage mobility on two wheels by providing safe shelter.

Parcel Line

It is the line dedicated to those who want to have their purchases safely delivered to both their homes and businesses.

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri locker linea parcel

Learn more about AL-SICURO, our locker software

AL-SICURO is the cloud-based software developed by Cesare Mauri to simplify and optimize the operation of lockers and totems.
Simple, functional, AL-SICURO.