The safe tool for automated storage.

Our locker is ideal for temporary storage of your items and delivery of your orders from e-commerce or local merchants.


The virtual operator to book and pay for services .

Our automatic checkout is the result of the fusion between innovative technology and Italian design, which make our product attractive, robust and versatile. It is an interactive, multimedia, touch screen kiosk, available in different sizes and functions.

Access and attendance

Access control and attendance terminals.

Our device is ideal for access control, for building security and personnel management.

Our solutions

Simplified access to services and products or control of business organization are two key factors to drive your business to success. From this “smart living” perspective Cesare Mauri develops solutions that are constantly evolving and highly customizable, according to the type of business and sector.

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri piattaforma tablet

Simple. Functional.

AL-SICURO is the cloud-based software developed by Cesare Mauri to manage the functioning of all locker storage and totem lines entirely and intuitively.

The user-friendly interface, optimized for our hardware, is designed to enable quick and easy use in any situation, both for locker operators and the end user.

AL-SICURO software ensures clear, practical and convenient management of all our lockers.

We build innovation
point by point

Cesare Mauri was founded in 2005 by Cesare Mauri: we develop hardware and software integration projects according to specific customer needs.

The lockers, totems, and access control systems are not only designed, but entirely manufactured by CESARE MAURI, which thus acts as guarantor of the overall quality of the product and service.

Cesare Mauri - cesare mauri team

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