Luggage Storage Line

HPL standard Master Locker

We take care of your personal items with our technology and our experience while you travel!

Cesare Mauri - Cesare Mauri Locker master standard hlp

Our HPL locker is ideal for storing luggage in protected environments.

The standard master locker includes 13 boxes in two different sizes.
Master locker dimensions: 2100x1970x900 | Approximate box dimensions: 450x450x850/450x600x850

Boxes may be added with “slave” structures.

What it's designed for

Cesare Mauri - Cesare Mauri Locker Master Standard HLP

Why choose our locker?

Thanks to our platform you can manage the locker at any time, anywhere you are, always providing top-notch service. You can monitor the vacancy and deposits in your locker in real-time. The platform also ensures that tourists can book on-line as well as on-site.
Our locker also stands out for its sturdiness, design and attractive look.

Would you like to open a luggage storage but need help starting?

We’re here to discuss the best partnership solution with you.

Learn more about AL-SICURO, our locker software

AL-SICURO is the cloud-based software developed by Cesare Mauri to simplify and optimize the operation of lockers and totems.
Simple, functional, AL-SICURO.