Locker Bike

Storage and pickup point for personal and rental bikes

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The first Safer Locker for personal and rental bicycle and e-bike storage

Locker Caesar Mauri Linea Bike is an armored, easy-access facility to store personal and rental bicycles, in city and tourist destinations.

Would you like to use more sustainable means of transportation such as bicycles and e-bikes, but are concerned about not having a safe place to store them? Or do you already use these transportation methods, but want to make them even more accessible and convenient to use?
Locker Cesare Mauri is the solution to have rental bicycles or personal bike storage facilities at your fingertips.

Installed near apartment buildings, schools and universities, city centers, parking lots, as well as campgrounds and offices, it provides an autonomous and secure bicycle storage point.

This line is designed to encourage sustainable mobility on two wheels, without having to worry about leaving bicycles and e-bikes unattended.

The advantages of Locker Bike Cesare Mauri

Areas of application

Apartment buildings
Apartment complexes
Schools and Universities
Train/bus stations
Residences/holiday homes

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Learn more about AL-SICURO, our locker software

AL-SICURO is the cloud-based software developed by Cesare Mauri to simplify and optimize the operation of lockers and totems.
Simple, functional, AL-SICURO.